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    Do you have some things at your house that you need pressure washed?

    Do you have siding, concrete, decks, patios, or driveways that need a good power washing?

    If you are in Delaware, and you have a need for Pressure Washing Services,

    look no further! Buckeye Window Cleaning is at your service!


    Make your house look New Again through Power Washing.
    It's amazing what a difference a good pressure washing can do!


    What Kinds of Things Can You Pressure Wash?

    • Concrete Pressure Washing and cleaning
    • Vinyl siding pressure washing
    • Brick Siding pressure washing
    • Patio Pressure Washing
    • Driveway Pressure Washing and Cleaning
    • Concrete Driveway Cleaning
    • Fence Pressure Washing and Cleaning
    • Decks Pressure Washing and Cleaning
    • Concrete Slab Pressure Washing
    • Basketball court Pressure Washing
    • Garage floor pressure washing
    • front entrance stairs and walkways
    • Porch pressure washing
    • Parking Lot pressure washing
    • Outdoor furniture - patio chairs, patio tables, etc.
    • Vinyl Fencing pressure washing
    • Cedar Fencing power washing
    • and more!

    Let the pros at Buckeye handle your pressure washing needs!
    Call us today at 614-581-1917!

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      Every project is different. Every client is special.

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    • Commercial Pressure Washing Services

      Business to Business (B2B) Services in Delaware, Lewis Center, Polaris, and Columbus

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      Let OUR Business Help YOUR Business!

      If you are a business in the Greater Columbus area, you may have need for Pressure Washing.
      What kinds of companies use Buckeye for Pressure Washing Services?

      • Fast Food Restaurants Drive Thru Lanes.  Fast food restaurants need their driveways pressure washed periodically.  Over time, driveways will have build up of gum, spilled drinks, candy, and all kinds of crazy things!  Our Pressure Washing Services can get your Columbus Business Shining again!  Keep your drive thru lane attractive and clean for your customers.
      • Sit Down Restaurant Patios.  Some restaurants offer outdoor seating in a concrete patio setting.  Over time, the concrete can get dirty.  Call Buckeye for your power washing needs and we will restore your outdoor seating back to a clean condition!
      commercial pressure washing columbus oh

      Pressure Washing for Local Columbus Businesses

      Buckeye can help Your Business Shine with Pressure Washing!

      • Vinyl Siding.  Your business may have a building with vinyl siding.  Siding can get mold and mildew and other things that make the siding look dingy and dirty.  This can reflect poorly on your business.   One phone call can get Buckeye out to power wash and get your vinyl siding looking squeaky clean again!
      • Sidewalks and Parking Lots.  As a local Columbus business, you are aware that first impressions are very important.  If you have a business where customers park and walk up to your business, the first impression is going to be the parking lot and sidewalks up the entry of your business.  You want this area to be clean to make a good impression.
        Buckeye Window Cleaning uses pressure washing to get these first impression areas looking amazing!
    • Commercial Pressure Washing Services Delaware

      Pressure Washing Company Powell Ohio

      Reasons to Hire a Professional for Pressure Washing


      Think about the force of the pressure that comes out of a pressure washer.
      Power washers spray at a level up to 3,000 PSI (pounds per square inch).
      That's a lot of pressure!


      You can hurt yourself or others around you if not careful.
      All it takes is losing control for just one second,

      and now you are having to pay medical bills due to injury.


      You can do damage to your house.

      Of course, damage can always happen, but we are talking about damage that is avoidable because a professional knows what they are doing.

      Allow the professionals to power wash your home.
      Let the people who use this tool every day and have the experience do the job.

      Allow the professionals to assume the risk instead of taking risk yourself.


      Attention to Detail

      A professional power washer knows how to get every inch of your house clean.

      Because we do this type of power washing service all the time,

      we know the places to look.

      Dirt, grime, mold, and mildew grow in some strange places sometimes.

      Buckeye Window Cleaning will get your home looking new again!


      The Convenience Factor

      If you are thinking about just renting a power washer and doing this yourself, you may underestimate how many days this will actually take.
      You know how it goes:
      "Everything always takes longer than you think."
      Isn't that what you've found? You think something will only take 1 day, but it ends up taking 3 days instead.


      Yes, you could save a little bit of money by doing the power washing yourself,

      but it might cost you a lot more time and trouble than you bargain for.
      Instead, let the pros pressure wash quickly and you can keep doing the things you would rather be doing!


    • Commercial Pressure Washing Polaris Ohio

      Pressure Washing Company Powell Ohio

      Reasons to Hire a Professional for Pressure Washing

      Pressure Washing without Damaging

      We are very careful to clean your house without damaging your property.

      We realize that pressure can be a good thing if used properly, but a bad thing if used improperly.

      Pressure can remove dirt and spots that regular cleaning cannot remove.

      Pressure washers are extremely effective at getting spots out of concrete, pieces of gum that have been stuck on concrete for years, and restore the original color of the concrete.

      Power washers are very good at removing layers of dirt and grime from decks and fences.

      But if used improperly, pressure washing can also take pieces of wood right off if too much pressure is used.

      Pressure washing can knock pieces of concrete right off your patio, and now you've got a hole in your patio.
      That's why it's so important to leave pressure washing up to the pros.
      We are experienced and know what level of pressure works on concrete versus wooden decks and fences versus vinyl siding.

      At Buckeye Window Cleaning, we know what level of pressure to use and which tip to use on the pressure washer.

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